Vineyard & Winery Tour

During the winter months, Culmina’s Tasting Room is open for Wine Sales from Monday to Friday, but closed for tours and tastings until April 27th, 2018.

Culmina’s Vineyard & Winery Tour provides an in-depth, personal view of the Triggs’ family estate, starting with an explanation of Culmina’s viticultural philosophy in one of the Cabernet Franc blocks, followed by a complete walk-through of the winery to showcase the artistry and technology employed, and finished with a structured, sit-down tasting in the winery’s VIP room overlooking the Fermentation Hall.

Maximum 6 people, 90 minutes, $25 per person.

To schedule your Vineyard & Winery Tour in Summer 2018, call or email us at: or 250.498.0789 ext. 202.

For TRADE members or LARGE groups (i.e. more than 10 people), please contact our Hospitality Manager directly at 250.498.0789 ext. 202.