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Jean-Marc Enixon Joins the Fold

September 13th, 2016

Don, Elaine & Sara are thrilled to welcome Jean-Marc Enixon as Vineyard Manager & Winemaker at Culmina.

Vineyard Manager & Winemaker Jean-Marc Enixon

Adding to the roster of viticultural and winemaking talent here at Culmina is the appointment of Jean-Marc Enixon to oversee day-to-day operations at the Okanagan Valley estate as new Vineyard Manager & Winemaker.

Enixon brings to Culmina not only his classical training and extensive background in the Bordeaux region of France, where he worked for 10 years as the director of family winery Château Puy Guilhem in Saillans, but also a modern, ‘Nouvelle France’ approach that is being embraced by the next generation of French winemakers. Previous to his time in Bordeaux, Enixon graduated with a degree in agricultural engineering from Toulouse and worked as both a cellar hand at Chateau Souverain in Sonoma Valley, CA and a winemaking consultant in China’s Gansu province.

“Beyond his impressive resume and practical knowledge, I am excited by the new energy and creative vision that Jean-Marc adds to the Culmina family,” says Don. “While his background is rooted in the Old World, he has firmly established himself as a modern winemaker who embraces contemporary and open-minded approaches. This gives us the best of both worlds, because he has an innate understanding of the foundation of winemaking, but is at liberty in the Okanagan to also push the boundaries.”

While Enixon will lead Culmina’s Vineyard and Winemaking program, he will also have the benefit of not one but two pedigreed oenology experts who will continue to act as consultants at the estate in Alain Sutre — who has been a viticulture and winemaking consultant at Culmina since its earliest inception — and former Vineyard Manager & Winemaker Pascal Madevon, who transitioned from his full-time position to consultancy in June 2016.

Founded in 2007 on virgin Golden Mile Bench terrain by Canadian wine industry veterans Don and Elaine Triggs — who were joined by their daughter Sara Triggs in 2012 — Culmina, which means ‘peak’ or ‘apex’ in Latin, is a boutique family estate that has cultivated a reputation for producing a variety of high-quality grapes and unique wines from exceptional terroir with a sharp focus on sustainability.

“This is exactly the sort of opportunity and challenge I have been looking for since coming to Canada,” says Enixon, who now calls Oliver home along with his wife and two children. “The Okanagan Valley is creating a real name for itself in the world of wine and it’s exciting to play a part in not only Culmina’s continued success but the reputation of the region overall.”

Make sure that you welcome Jean-Marc when you visit Culmina this fall. His first vintage will be a busy one, with the first of our Chardonnay grapes already being picked from Stan’s Bench.

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