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Culmina Launches in Ontario!

September 19th, 2014

Don & Sara meet with Rick van Sickle to discuss Culmina spreading its wings to the Ontario market.


During a recent visit to Ontario, Don and Sara met with Rick van Sickle to discuss Culmina entering markets in the East! As a result of their meeting in Canoe restaurant, Rick Vansickle revisited Culmina’s 2011 Hypothesis and re-rated it with a spectacular 91 points! In addition to the “cassis, bramble bush, violets, cherry-kirsch fruit and toasted oak spices” that were first admired, Vansickle writes “after retrying [Hypothesis], it has evolved into a much more compact, integrated wine that continues to age beautifully.” Indeed, the 2011 Hypothesis has a wonderful ageing potential that is met with great anticipation from the Culmina team!

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