Alain Sutre

Viticulture & Winemaking Consultant

Born in France and raised on his family’s vineyard, Alain went to engineering school, and then completed a Diploma in Viticulture, Oenology and Economics in 1983. Following that, he completed an MBA from the University of Bordeaux in Management & Administration.

After many years in the wine industry, Alain became the Owner and General Manager of Ertus Consulting in 2000, a company that specializes in the project management of new vineyard and winery start-ups, as well in providing expertise to existing vineyard and winery operations through complex, ongoing, and end-to-end analyses of its clients’ operations.  Alain’s team currently focuses on complex projects with an agenda to drive quality programs forward.

Alain was contracted by the Triggs in 2006 to help them reach their goal of creating terroir-driven wines of iconic quality.  His expertise was applied from day one of the project: from site selection, to vineyard preparation, to spearheading the scientific analysis that informed the planting of each micro-block. He continues to support Culmina on more than a quarterly basis, helping them to refine their viticulture and winemaking practices so that their goal of achieving excellence may be reached.

When Alain is not working, he can be found spending time with his family, either rock climbing or skiing with his two sons; fly fishing in a nearby river; or taking black & white photographs with his vintage Hasselblad, waiting for the perfect light to unfold in the quiet of the wild outdoors.