Jean-Marc Enixon

Vineyard Manager & Winemaker

Talented, energetic, and sharp as a tack, Jean-Marc is a classically trained French viticulturalist and winemaker from Charente, France. Growing up in the small village of Manot, Jean-Marc spent his younger years helping out in the family’s quarry and forestry businesses before spending his teenage years in the family’s wine cellars. After graduating at the top of his Baccalaureate Scientifique class in Tivoli, Bordeaux, and packed with a desire to follow his family’s rural heritage, Jean-Marc went to finish a National Engineering Diploma in Agriculture at the prestigious Ecole Superior d’Agriculture de Purpan in Toulouse, where he focused on winemaking and viticulture, and spent an entire year researching the relationship between vine water stress and grape maturity.

After a couple of vintages spent in Sonoma County, California and as a winemaking consultant in the Gansu Province of China, Jean-Marc transitioned to Château Puy Guilhem in Saillans where he held the role of Winemaking Director for 10 years. While there, Jean-Marc produced a number of top rated AOC as well as non-AOC wines from that estate. With the sale of business to the Chinese in 2014, Jean-Marc began setting his sites on opportunities to craft wines elsewhere, perhaps outside the confines of the rigid AOC system.

At the end of 2015, Jean-Marc moved his family to the South Okanagan, and after a few months in Canada, Jean-Marc found himself looking for further opportunities to make wines of the highest quality. Culmina’s Vineyard Manager & Winemaker position provided just that: the chance to craft unique wines from exceptional terroir, but also to work with proprietors who also shared a desire to achieve excellence as well as an appreciation for artistry in the winemaker’s craft.