Pascal Madevon


Pascal is a classically trained French viticulturalist and winemaker, based in the Okanagan since the early 00s. Born in Paris, France, Pascal completed a Technician’s Degree in Viticulture and Oenology and went on to complete a Oenology National Diploma from the University of Bordeaux in 1989. Pascal accumulated over 10 years of experience managing a number of highly regarded Bordeaux estates, and in 2002 moved his family to the South Okanagan where he spent 10 years developing Osoyoos Larose, a Bordeaux-inspired ultra premium estate.

In 2013, Pascal took the role of Vineyard Manager & Winemaker at Culmina, crafting a number of 90+ point wines during his tenure at the helm of the production team. Then, after three wonderful vintages, Pascal transitioned to consultancy in June 2016 so that he could share his craft and wealth of experience to a number of small vineyard and winery operators in the Okanagan.

When Pascal is not working, he is likely to be found sitting at his piano, in his workshop crafting beautiful pieces of furniture, or in the garden collecting fresh flower bouquets for his wife. Father to three girls and a lifelong surfer, he makes sure to hit the waves with his family at least once during his annual visit back to Brittany, France.