Vineyard Mapping

Exhaustive research was carried out on the property to ensure a full understanding of the nuances inherent to Culmina’s Golden Mile Bench terroir.

temperature analysis

Temperature Analysis

Twenty temperature loggers were installed at various positions around the site, collecting temperature and relative humidity data at 30 minute intervals for over two years. This data was then used to map the temperature and climate variations in the vineyard.

soil pit analysis

Soil Pit Analysis

Sixty-six 1 metre soil pits were dug around the property, with the resultant samples sent for analysis in order to determine each soil pit’s characteristics.

soil mapping

Soil Mapping

As a result of the soil pit analysis, each part of the vineyard was mapped based on soil type, soil mineral content, and soil water holding capacity.

micro block mapping

Micro Block Mapping

Based on all of the data collected, the vineyard was demarcated into 43 individual micro blocks, each averaging only 1.25 acres in size.

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