Leading Edge Technology

Many leading edge technologies have been embraced at Culmina to ensure that their goal of creating icon quality wine can be achieved.

Culmina’s use of these technologies has impacted not only how the state-of-the-art winery was designed, but also how the wine is being made.  For instance, a Bucher Oscillys destemmer was purchased from France – the first of its kind in Canada – that allows more gentle handling during the crushing and destemming of fruit.

In addition, modern, stainless steel, temperature-controlled conical red fermentation tanks were imported from France; it is argued that these tanks create better flow between the fermenting juices and fermentation caps, allowing for a more gentle and efficient extraction of colour and tannins into the ferment during maceration.

When a pump is required at Culmina (i.e. for pumping over,) the most gentle kind of pump is used, i.e. a peristaltic pump, or the same kind of pump used to transfer live fish at aquariums from one tank to another.