Simple Technology

Recognizing that simple, tested technologies sometimes work better than complicated new ones, Culmina employs a number of basic but effective technologies to optimize wine quality and minimize wine handling.

Numerous simple but effective technologies have been put into place at Culmina.  All of the grapes harvested from the estate are picked by hand.  They are then protected in small stacked bins so that their own weight does not cause their skins to break before they reach the winery.  Upon arrival, the fruit is then hand-sorted on a vibrating table so that the fruit is gently deposited into the destemmer.

Culmina’s grapes are then processed at their gravity-flow designed winery.  Built into the side of the mountain, the grapes arrive at the most elevated point in the building, and are transferred into the winery by gravity instead of a must pump.  The winery’s gravity flow design also allows for pump-less rackings and transfers from the Fermentation Hall into the Barrel Room.

The winery’s simple design also allows for each tank to only be used once each vintage.  By allowing the fermented wine to sit on the skins for up to 24 days after the fermentation is completed, it is possible to create wines with softer and more approachable tannins.

Lastly, a simple basket press is also used for all pressings at Culmina.  Even though this kind of press is less efficient in terms of yields, and is much more time consuming and manually intensive to operate, its gentle pressing ensures that stems and seeds are never pressed so hard that they crack, thereby preventing unwanted green tannins from being added into the pressed wine.