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2013 Hypothesis Now Available ‘En Primeur’

March 16th, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our 2013 Hypothesis is now available to purchase ‘en primeur’. For only two weeks, full cases of the vintage may be purchased at special ‘en primeur’ pricing. This specialty pricing will end when the ‘en primeur’ closes on March 30th, while the wine will be shipped on September 1st in conjunction with its official public release.

Hypothesis en primeur

Inspired by the Bordeaux ‘wine futures’ tradition which allows the public to purchase unfinished wine in advance of it going into bottle, thereby guaranteeing access to highly sought after vintages, 2013 Hypothesis is now available in advance of its public release at a cost of $468 per case, or the equivalent of $39 per bottle. As soon as the ‘en primeur’ finishes on March 30th, 2013 Hypothesis sales will shut until September 1st, when the wine is officially released to the trade and public. The price of the wine at that time will be raised to $46 per bottle.

The vintage has already garnered standout reviews from media across the country, including WineAlign’s Michael Godel, who attributed the wine in November 2015 a whopping 93 points: “The 2013 combines the best of worlds put forth by the two previous vintages; ripe fruit, earthy-mineral tang, proper acidity and ripe, tonic tannin. The composition here is the most, accomplished, distinguished and relished. All this with thanks to exceptional balance.”

Master Sommelier John Szabo has also had very complimentary things to say about the wine, attributing it a solid 91 points: “Easily the most successful, balanced and well-proportioned Hypothesis Bordeaux blend from Culmina to date. In my view, this seems to find the right balance between tannin, acid and fruit in a more elegant and polished, lively and succulent style. Tannins have evolved to a fine and elegant degree relative to previous vintages, and should continue to refine with additional time in the bottle”.

Click here to purchase our 2013 Hypothesis at the exclusive ‘en primeur’ price, and have it delivered straight to your door upon release in September.

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