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The Journey to Organic Certification

Creating iconic wines begins with being good stewards of our special terroir.

As part of Culmina’s commitment to excellence, winemaker Jean-Marc Enixon manages our vineyards with the utmost care. With the goal of respecting and preserving our environment for the next generation, we are proud to have embarked on the journey towards organic certification.

There are many steps in this process which takes a total of 3 years to complete and is strictly regulated by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society. Our viticulture team has been working diligently to meet these standards since 2018, and we are pleased to share that the 2021 harvest marks our first certified organic vintage.


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“To respect the terroir is a challenge every day with the heat, the long days, the rocky soils; but it is what gives us our unique expression.”

Jean-Marc Enixon, Winemaker