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We believe it is a combination of small and large efforts that drive sustainability forward.

A deep respect for the land has formed the foundation of what we do at Culmina from the very beginning. In addition to our commitment to organic certification in our vineyards, we continue to focus on enhancing environmental sustainability on the property and in the community.


Land Use:

  • Hand-hoeing to minimize need for sprays
  • Use of cedar end-posts and galvanized steel in-row posts in lieu of chemically treated wooden ones
  • Sourcing local cow manure compost as fertilizer
  • Developing a natural cover crop to support biodiversity and beneficial insect populations in the vineyard

Energy & Emissions:

  • North-facing windows and skylights in the winery to reduce the lighting, heating and cooling requirements of the facility
  • Double-paned windows and under floor insulation to reduce energy consumption


  • Chipping, not burning, of old vines into compost material
  • Reclaiming old trellising wires and aluminum irrigation lines for sale to salvage companies
  • On-site crushing and repurposing of rocks pulled from the vineyard for roads and pathways


  • Local suppliers and contractors employed to develop the vineyard and build the winery


  • Use of a maxi-jet under canopy irrigation system which uses much less water than traditional overhead systems
  • Our vineyards are Certified Salmon-Safe to protect water quality and help Pacific salmon thrive

salmon safe

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