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Le Chant du Cygne
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Red Blend
Golden Mile Bench
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Le Chant du Cygne

A grand finale for Syrah, with a legendary story that incorporates musical elements. A masterpiece that deserves a standing ovation. 

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The swan song symbolizes a final significant act or performance before death or retirement. It stems from the legend that the swan, typically silent in its lifetime, sings its most beautiful song in its last moments of life.

Le Chant du Cygne from Culmina Family Estate Winery presents our final vintage of Syrah and signifies a stunning grand finale for this varietal. After several years of vine decline, the difficult decision was made to pull up our 3 acres of Syrah. Before its removal the Syrah gave us one last harvest of intensely concentrated fruit, which was blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to create a wine of outstanding structure and elegance. 

Okanagan Valley

Golden Mile Bench

Arise Bench

Matured for 16 months in a combination of new (80%) and 1-year-old (20%) French oak barrels. 

The dark, inky colour of Le Chante de Cygne hints at its depth and intensity. On the nose, an enticing bouquet of morello cherry, raspberry, cloves and black pepper intertwine like a symphony, evoking both elegance and power. The palate is a harmonious blend of flavours. Fine tannins provide structure to carry bright cherry and spicy cumin notes. With complexity and depth, the finish leaves an impression that resonates like a well-composed musical chord.



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