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Culmina Winery
March 13, 2024 | Culmina Winery

Celebrate International Riesling Day with Decora and Süsser!

Riesling, an illustrious grape varietal, holds a storied reputation in the world of wine. Originating in the Rhine region of Germany, it is revered for its versatility, thriving in diverse terroirs, and can be found in nearly all growing regions of the world.

This grape produces wines that are captivatingly diverse, ranging from bone-dry, which is the style of Culmina’s Decora, to lusciously sweet, as showcased in our N° 018 Süsser Riesling. Its signature acidity lends a crispness that electrifies the palate, balancing the sweetness in the off-dry and dessert styles. Riesling's aromatic profile is equally captivating, offering a bouquet that can evoke notes of citrus, and delicate floral nuances, whereas the palate reflects the flinty terroir of our Margaret’s Bench Vineyard.

The transparency of Riesling allows it to faithfully express its terroir, making each bottle a unique reflection of its origin. Its ability to age gracefully is a testament to its exceptional quality, with some vintages evolving over decades, revealing layers of complexity and character.

Whether enjoyed young and vibrant or aged to perfection, Riesling's allure is undeniable, captivating wine enthusiasts with its elegance, complexity, and unparalleled expression of time and place.


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