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Culmina Winery
May 16, 2024 | Culmina Winery

Coming Soon: Join us for "Wine and Art"

On June 8th, we invite you join us for a this pop-up gallery event featuring BC artists, held in the Culmina cellars. Meet and converse with skilled creators while you sip wines from our critically-acclaimed portfolio and sample delicious canapés.

Come and explore the works of these talented makers:

Jacqui Keseluk: Jacqui's paintings feature a vast array Canadian wildlife, aiming to bring nature indoors for appreciation. As a nature lover and hunter, she believes reconnecting with nature is vital in today's busy world. Coming from a culinary background, she began painting with oil in 2019, after inheriting her grandmother's handmade artist box. Her cross-country journey intensified her passion for capturing the beauty of Canadian wildlife, inspiring her to share her art with others.




Nancy Gray: Nancy is an award winning artist who is passionate about painting and being creative. She loves exploration of different subjects, methods and techniques. She has been an active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists for more than a decade and her work has been exhibited in numerous juried shows. Her paintings explore realism, abstraction and often merge the two. 




Peggie Collins: Hailing from Penticton, BC, Peggie draws inspiration from nature and travel, reflected in her vibrant paintings. She embraces plein air painting and diverse subjects, including her notable "100 Shoes for Mental Health" project. Her artistic journey is deeply influenced by family, blending personal vision with familial heritage. Actively engaged in her artistic community, she collaborates with fellow artists and businesses, while also offering a wide range of merchandise to connect with art enthusiasts.



Carol Munro: Following retirement from teaching, writing, and broadcasting, Carol pursued art full-time, fascinated by the interplay between outer landscapes and inner perceptions. Her paintings explore how our visual experiences are shaped within our minds, merging external scenery with internal interpretations. She believes that the landscapes we observe are reflections of our own consciousness, resulting in works that blend reality with subjective perception.




Lorraine Gibson: Inspired by light, shadows, and reflections, Lorraine’s recent works explore iridescent paints and mica powders, with a new interest in glow-in-the-dark mica. Stemming from my winery experience in the South Okanagan, my art reflects vineyards and farm life. Transitioning through various mediums, she now focus on acrylic and resin pours, often integrating recycled materials. With a playful approach, her art merges fashion and creativity, offering a whimsical and multi-purposeful experience for all ages.


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